Most Catholics who regularly use online resources are familiar with the Catholic Encyclopedia available online at  It is an excellent website with a number of great resources.

However, what most Catholics don’t make enough use of is the awesome library of writings by the Church Fathers on the New Advent Site.   Bookmark the site: and make this your place for leisure reading and study.  You have access to hundreds and hundreds of writings, sermons and books by the Church Fathers at your fingertips.  You can read the Gospel of St. John and have it explained to you in St. John Chrysostom’s homilies from the 4th century AD.   Have a question about marriage?  Go read St. Augustine’s work “On the Good of Marriage“.  Want to know how St. Jerome went about translating the Hebrew and Greek Bible into Latin?  Go read his letter to Pammachius, where he explains how he did it.  You can read John Cassian’s Institutes, which were required reading in St. Benedict’s monasteries in the 6th century.  Ever read the Didache–a Christian writing from 100 AD?  Are you a single Catholic girl or boy considering religious life?  Why not read what St. Ambrose or St. Augustine had to say about it in the 4th century?

This is an awesome treasury of sacred learning that we have to make diligent use of.   I encourage you to bookmark and make sure that when you’re online, you’re reading things like this rather than idle political strife, sports news or celebrity gossip.  You could be reading the Church Fathers instead.



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