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Avoiding Extremes

William Michael on the value of work in children’s lives.

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Daily Meditation 11.14.2011

Today’s readings are awesome.  Really, this is as good as Scripture can get.  We have areading from Jewish history after the death of Alexander the Great (sorry Protestants, these books aren’t in your Bibles) when the Jews were pressed by the successors of Alexander to accept the Greeks’s policy of “freedom of religion”–an idea we […]

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The Lord’s Day (Part 2)

*** Editor’s Note:  Here we continue our weekly study of Pope John Paul II’s letter “The Lord’s Day”.  The reading below is an edited version, which I have shortened to make reading easier.  Please read with us weekly and feel free to comment.  God bless.  WM *** The Celebration of the Creator’s Work “Through him […]

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A Thousand Words 11.13.2011

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