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Homeschooling mothers who started with the CLAA when we first began in 2009 had a benefit that mothers didn’t have in 2011.   Originally, Mrs. Michael (my wife) offered around-the-clock “homeschool help” for homeschooling mothers using the CLAA.  Her ability to help mothers is invaluable because she’s engaged in the daily details of CLAA homeschooling.  He is managing the home education and care of nine children under age 11 and faces all of the challenges that other mothers face during the day.  She’s more helpful to mothers than I am…and mothers like talking to her more than me.

Beginning this evening (1/18/2012) my wife’s former services will be available again.  She is excited to be back to work with full strength and eager to develop more personal relations with the CLAA mothers and get the kids rolling.  She’ll be available for  live chats from 9-11 pm EST as we get started and then she’ll establish a regular schedule as we get a sense of what everyone needs.  You can also stay in touch with her on Facebook, where she’ll be focusing her attention.  Add her as a friend at:  She can also be reached by e-mail at:   I know that she is interested in hosting CLAA women’s events (weekends, retreats, family camps) here at the CLAA grounds, probably beginning in May 2012.  (Children will be welcome.)  Anyway…

Her first recommendation is that mothers use a daily planner that she uses for each child rather than the one I recommend.  : (   She doesn’t believe that most mothers would be able to manage children as I would my own students and believes the system she uses is most effective.  Therefore, I’m offering you a printable version of “Mrs. Michael’s Daily Student Planner” which is exactly what she uses with our children.  She’ll be available to talk about the details with you.  Here it is:

Mrs. Michael’s Daily Student Planner

The key,  she says  is managing the children around scheduled times at the computer rather than obsessing over schedule “class” times.  Students’ priority is to prepare for whatever lessons, quizzes, assignments or exams they will need to work on during their time at the computer and then save all of their desk work for their time away from the computer.  This also allows her to keep an eye on the kids’ results, which she jots on their planners and uses to plan their next day’s tasks.

The planner also serves for helpful rewards and punishments as the morning tasks can be required to be completed before a child has recess, the afternoon tasks can be required to be completed before a child has free time in the evening.  As everyone gets experience with a routine, these planners can eliminate much of a mother’s need to work with older students during the day–they can grab their list in the morning and get to work.

My wife believes that when she makes the sacrifice in the evening of laying out the children’s tasks, it is the only time they ALL make steady progress.   Mothers are the only ones who can make such plans because it requires knowledge of the individual children–some can be assigned more, some need to be assigned less.   All of this is learned with time.

Anyway, those are the basics.  My wife will be ready to help in the evenings and she’s excited to get in regular touch with CLAA mothers as she used to be.  She’s very good with daily homeschooling and she’s always got my ear and I’d recommend you work with her to improve your children’s efficiency in the CLAA and help her help me make improvements that make your work easier and better.

God bless!
William Michael


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6 Comments on “Homeschool Help with Mrs. Michael”

  1. Rebecca Kranz
    January 18, 2012 at 8:41 am #

    This is fantastic!

    Thank you. I’ve been wanting to chat with you about the homeschool planner you posted on the website anyhow. Maybe I can chat with Dania about how to best plan our schedule as we get rolling again on a new year! God bless you all, Rebecca

  2. Megan
    January 18, 2012 at 10:28 am #

    THIS IS WONDERFUL! Thank you and I am very happy to hear how she runs things….

  3. January 18, 2012 at 11:44 am #

    Thank you both. This is more “user-friendly.” I still use some of the other pages you provided, WM, but this works better than the Basic Daily/Weekly Plan and the Lesson Tracker you had, I think. At least for this mom. My husband would probably like yours better. I am making use of the Progress Journal, however, as pregnancy allows. That is a fantastic tool. It is easy to lose track of 6 kids’ progress without help.

  4. Amie
    January 18, 2012 at 8:45 pm #

    We used Mrs. Michael’s new sheet today and the children loved it. They loved having their own checklist at their desk for just today’s work. Consequently we had a very successful and very full workday. I’m going to sit and write tomorrow’s work out now….thanks!

  5. stacycatherineacy
    January 19, 2012 at 12:49 am #

    Writing out one of these every night for every child in every course seems even more time consuming than writing weekly lesson plans on Saturday… Would Mrs Michael write a practical article on how this works for her?

  6. Christy
    January 19, 2012 at 11:55 am #

    I was doing something similar with the dry erase board, the kids would erase off as they completed a task, but it took up a lot of usable everyday space on the board. The kids love being able to check off as much as they enjoyed erasing. This will also help with my year end review for the unbrella school we are under. I will be able to provide the reviewer not only the physical work but the dail tasks. It is great!

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