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CLAA Schools | Eastern PA

The first CLAA schools are being planned for 2012-2013.  CLAA schools will provide day and home school families with a full range of CLAA resources, very affordable tuition and flexible enrollment plans. Families in eastern PA who are interested in learning more about attending a CLAA day school should contact me, William Michael, at: […]

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The “Advance” of Medicine

I am a 36 year old husband and father, raising nine children in America in 2012.  My family carries no “health insurance”.  There is no part of our budget dedicated to medical care.  We are healthy and happy. Nevertheless, we will be criticized by others for being irresponsible and even reckless for such.  If I […]

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Remembering David

The Protestants, in their efforts to prove that everyone deserves to go to hell, have promoted the calling of everyone “sinners” and “sinful”.  Most modern Christians, whether Protestants or Catholic have imbibed this attitude.  In my world history course, I ask the question, “Was King David sinful?” and almost every student answers “True”.  Why? “Well, […]

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