Restoring Reason

Many Christians are exasperated by the insanity of the society we live in and suggest there was a day when men were more “reasonable”.  That is only half-true.  There were as many unreasonable men living in the past as there are today, but the wise men were much wiser, and those societies did not allow the unreasonable to make the decisions.  THAT is the most unreasonable part of our modern dilemma.  Monarchy had a lot to do with the rational superiority of past societies.

The problem in our society is that even the leaders, who have access to education and literature, are quite unreasonable.  Modern education has taught men how to access information, but hasn’t taught them how to reason with it rightly.  The modern curriculum, which our politicians, priests and business leaders have completed didn’t include the art of Reasoning.  Throughout history, that was not the case.  In fact, the study of Reasoning was the heart and soul of “classical” studies and the wise men we admire in history had completed a course of studies that few, if any, modern men have.

The CLAA is working to restore Reason.  We are doing this by investing our time, talent and treasure in teaching Aristotle’s systematic instructionin in the art of Reasoning, which was essential study for educated Christians from the 13th century (when St. Thomas restored Aristotle’s teaching) until the 16th century when the scientists and Protestants cast it aside.  I encourage you to read my article, “The History of Philosophy and the CLAA” on the CLAA website to get a clear understanding of what has produced the intellectual culture around us today and how the CLAA is actually working to fix the mess.

I’d also like to invite you and your children to study Aristotle in the CLAA’s Reasoning program that will allow us–even if only us–to reason rightly.  You can also check out the first course’s first lesson here:  CLAA Reasoning I, Lesson 01.
God bless,
William Michael
CLAA Director

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2 Comments on “Restoring Reason”

  1. Marie Long
    April 25, 2012 at 7:53 pm #

    How different is the discipline of logic from the discipline of reason? Are they part of the same or different disciplines?

    • wmclaa
      April 25, 2012 at 7:59 pm #

      See the article, “Understanding Christian Education”. In short, “Logic” just refers to the art of Reasoning and oversimplifies things, which is why I usually don’t use “Logic”. Reasoning divides into two kinds: (a) Dialectical Reasoning and (b) Analytical Reasoning. These deal with different kinds of questions and accept different kinds of arguments. Dialectic deals with controversial questions and builds on widely accepted judgments which are probably true (proverbs, laws, etc..). Analytics deals with scientific/philosophical questions and builds only on absolute truths.

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