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Holy Virginity

* * * In honor of the feast day of St. Maria Goretti, I would like to share an adaptation of the encyclical “Sacra Virginitas” by Pope Leo XII with all young men and women.  I have shortened the document greatly so that many might make easy reading of it.  The entire original document can […]

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A Meditation for Girls

I get yelled at for directing all of my writings to boys, but I write to girls as well.  Here is a meditation I wrote for one of Mrs. Michael’s Sewing lessons for CLA girls.   Enjoy, little ladies.  -Mr. Michael ****************************************************** There you are.  Sitting in your father’s house, on an ordinary day in […]

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Questions for Americans

by Joel Trumbo ***Note:  The following piece was written by a CLAA father who is currently serving as an Army Ranger in the U.S. military.  -William Michael**** As we prepare to celebrate our nation’s Independence, were the founding Father morally justified in declaring Independence? 1. If the Founding Father were RIGHT to physically resist a […]

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