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Do Ghosts Exist?

By Benjamin Groot(Age 12) North Carolina, USA We have many ghost stories; flying around a haunted house here, a glowing crypt there, but the question is, do ghosts even exist? Well I think they do and now I will prove it in the next few paragraphs. In 1 Kings chapter 28 the ghost of Samuel […]

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What it Means to Believe

by Sebastian Adamowicz, Age 12 In Acts chapter 16, St. Paul said that you have to “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and thou shalt be saved.”  Knowing that Catholics and Protestants both agree on this, but that they don’t agree on the meaning of the answer, I would like to explain the answer, “What does […]

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What Your Neighbors Need

If you live in a normal American neighborhood, you probably don’t know your neighbors very well.  They do their thing and you do yours.  “Mind your own business” is the rule.  While that surely makes for what appears to be a peaceful neighborhood, it’s not what human community should be.  Men were called by Aristotle […]

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What is “the Gospel”?

The Gospel is “the good news” that God has fulfilled ancient promises He made–promises that have been made since the beginning of human history–to send a Savior into the world who would free us from all that harms us, give us strength to become holy and ultimately destroy all evil for ever.  There are four […]

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For CCD Teachers

My name is William Michael and I own a 60-acre farm in North Carolina, that is host to Catholic boys’ camps and Catholic family conferences. I also manage an international Catholic educational publishing business, the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, which provides elite distance learning studies to over 2,000 Catholic students. In 2010, I helped to […]

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JOHN 3:16

by William Michael (Pardon the typos, this has not been edited.) To most evangelicals, especially American evangelicals of the last 50 years, it would seem that in speaking to man, God spoke only a five or six lines, which are endlessly quoted by evangelicals as the message of Christianity.  The most popular of these is […]

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Discerning Spirits…

We are constantly influenced by good and evil spirits. Do you know the difference?

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THE Christian Doctrine

What do you believe is THE doctrine that separates Christianity from Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, etc..? It is the doctrine of the Trinity.  The Catholic Encyclopedia refers to the Trinity as “the central doctrine of the Christian religion”.  Did you know that? The Athanasian Creed explains this doctrine, teaching  that: The Father is God, the Son is God, and the Holy Spirit is God, and yet […]

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Heaven…but Earth?

by William Michael CLAA Director Kids in the information age are told that now (unlike the past), kids can grow up to “be whatever they want”.  Since they know how to use a DVD player or send a text-message, they are ushered in among the elite of the human race.  A second-grader is asked, “Tommy, what […]

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Hymns for the Liturgy of the Hours

A Blessed Holy Week to you all… For those who do not know, and for those who are supporting my work, I have been recording the hymns printed in the Liturgy of the Hours in order that families, as they begin to pray the LoTH, can sing along and learn the hymns. The hymns can […]

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