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Heaven…but Earth?

by William Michael CLAA Director Kids in the information age are told that now (unlike the past), kids can grow up to “be whatever they want”.  Since they know how to use a DVD player or send a text-message, they are ushered in among the elite of the human race.  A second-grader is asked, “Tommy, what […]

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Not the Parents, but the Grandparents

At the close of Simple Life Camp, I had a conversation with two parents picking up their son.  Both they and I are interested in living lives that prove to be a blessing for our children, but as we spoke I realized there was something different in my vision and motivation.  As we discussed it, […]

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Making Ready for Heaven

In a period of history where religion and politics have again sadly become one, American Catholics are left fighting for social causes and political saviors, trusting in many promises that their present sacrifices will be rewarded with future benefits.  Unfortunately, the benefits that will come through victory on the socio-political battle field, if they do […]

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Remembering David

The Protestants, in their efforts to prove that everyone deserves to go to hell, have promoted the calling of everyone “sinners” and “sinful”.  Most modern Christians, whether Protestants or Catholic have imbibed this attitude.  In my world history course, I ask the question, “Was King David sinful?” and almost every student answers “True”.  Why? “Well, […]

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What Jonah Teaches Us

by William Michael January 22, 2012 Today at Mass, we read a portion of the life of the prophet Jonah.   Of course, modern publishers have turned the story of Jonah into a ridiculous fairy tale about a man who gets swallowed by a whale.  Ha ha, how cute…kids can now file Jonah away with […]

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The Outreach Myth and Modern “Evangelism”

by William Michael January 21, 2012 Note 1.  Some have refused to read the opening lines of his article and accuse me of calling sporting a waste of time.  That’s completely false.  I say plainly in the opening lines that I believe that one particular stream of sporting is a waste of time.  To learn […]

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David and God’s Will

by William Michael January 20, 2012 This morning, we read the acts of David prior to his ascension to the throne of Israel.  What we find in David is a man who operates on a set of principles very different from most men today.  Let’s consider the context of today’s reading and its importance for […]

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What David Teaches Us

by William Michael January 17, 2012 You will notice, if you pay attention, that I love king David–a lot.  You will see, for example, the image of the shepherd boy used with the article “Avoiding Extremes” was inspired by my constant thoughts of David.  I used his image in the article I wrote a week […]

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“Go and Make Disciples”

by William Michael January 5, 2012 In today’s Scripture readings, we read of Our Lord’s invitation of the Apostle Philip to follow Him.  We know that Our Lord’s will was that His disciples go into all the world and make disciples. Philip shows us that this is no complicated business: Philip found Nathanael and told […]

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St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Elizabeth Ann Seton (1774-1821) by William Michael January 4, 2012 As a history teacher, I’d like to reflect a bit on the life of Elizabeth Ann Seton, to set her life and deeds in their historical context that will be much more edifying than most modern accounts are. Elizabeth Ann was born into a wealthy […]

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